First official Playback Improv event for KIDS at Story Cafe.

Playback Improv for KIDS

Playback for KIDS on trial with Sofia’s 9th birthday party

Playback Improv for KIDS

Sofia (and here mom Megan) asked if she could have her 9th birthday party at Story Cafe AND we do Playback Improv at her party. We said: yes! The party took place Saturday morning February

Open Floor, March 13, 2014

Open Floor

Great contributions by Kevin Redmond Jr., Kyle Keillor, Picardo, Eric & Alice Bowens, and Billy Angel.

Playback Improv – Saturday March 1st – a magical night!

Playback Improv

What a night! Our musician Jeff brought a group if friends to Story Cafe, to celebrate several birthdays among them. They brought their dinner with them, and sat down at 5 pm at the big round table, to eat together. Among them 1 remarkable 5-year old girl called Starr who stole our hearts within minutes.

Story-Round, Feb. 27th – what a fun evening!


With just a handful of participant, a surprising and fun evening emerged! Participating were Bill, Beth, and eventually also Joy; Marcia told a story, while she also facilitated. Next Story-Round is March 27th.

Short Film Night, Feb. 20th –

Short-Film Night

Ray Pointer was with us, to show us the documentary he had made about the school-house that was at the center of the community, all these years ago. This was a small & integrated community, a hundred years before racial equality was fought for (Martin Luther King) and civil rights were finally established (under Lyndon Johnson, president). An impressive half-hour documentary that touches on many deep and important issues. Thank you Ray for coming out to share this unique work with us. At Story Cafe we would love to hear more from Ray. We would love to interview him at some time, as part of our Community Interview series. For more info on Ray and what he is working on, go to:

Next Short-Film Night is Thursday March 20th, starting (soon after) 7 pm.

Poetry Night, Feb. 18th – what a unique and special evening!

Poetry Night

Fabulous contributions by Kyle Keillor, Kristin Lancaster, Rootboy, Micki Kelly and Tod Mercer.

An evening with very personal material at times, and impressive contributions. At Story Cafe we hope to see & hear all these poets again SOON. Poetry is a powerful medium to open up amazing and vastly different personal ‘worlds’ – what a privilege to be invited into those worlds and be amazed & surprised.

Next Poetry Night is Tuesday evening March 18th.


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